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“The heart of the Church’s mission is prayer” Pope Francis

Today we celebrate 10 years of Pope Francis’ pontificate.

We pray for you and with you for the world.


Pope Francis will be celebrating 10 years of his pontificate. Nowadays, his service is a gift for the Church and the world that we must be grateful for. He has shown real gestures of love and service for the most fragile people, he has shown ever-present compassion for the suffering of women and men in diverse conditions of vulnerability, and openness to the People of God, the lays’ participation, commitment with women service in the Church and in the world, and so many real facts that account for his passion for the Kingdom of Christ.

As a Worldwide Prayer Network at the service for the challenges of the world and the Church’s mission, we want to thank the Father for Francis who has insisted that prayer is in the heart of the Church’s mission. He told us and goes on insisting that “we can do many things, but without prayer, it does not work. The heart of it is prayer.” He has devoted 39 catechesis between May 2020 and June 2021 to talk about prayer. Each week he invites all the Church to pray for different situations of pain, necessity, illness all around the world, prayer intentions posted on his Prayer Profile in Click To Pray, his prayer platform. And on many other occasions he reminds us to pray for him. Pope Francis has supported his ministry on prayer as a personal encounter with Christ.

Celebrating so great good received through his testimnony is a new opportunity to pray to the Father that He may continue to sustain Pope Francis with the Holy Spirit so that he may continue to be among us a faithful witness of Jesus Christ. Let’s celebrate this new anniversary renewing our commitment to pray in our everyday life, committed to the action and the work of this world, as the Pope tells us “Prayer is a kind of musical staff, where we arrange the melody of our lives. It is not in contrast with daily work; it does not contradict the many small obligations and appointments; if anything, it is the place where every action finds its meaning, its reason, and its peace.”

Happy 10 years of your pontificate, Pope Francis! We pray for you and for your mission!