NEWS 1 – Do you know the Pope’s Network of Prayer?

SUMMARY – What is Apostleship of prayer?

What is the summary of the document approved by the Pope Francis in December 2014 : “A pathway with Jesus in apostolic readiness” ? This document presents the principal results of the process of re-creation:

We answer this question in two sections (Document 1, chapter 3):

  • In the first, we present a roadmap for our faith we call “A Way of the heart” that will inspire us to be ever more ready to serve Jesus.
  • The second section explains the current meaning of our mission to support the Pope and the Church, committing ourselves daily with the monthly prayer intentions.

1 – The Apostleship of Prayer is a worldwide network of prayer of the Pope.  He invites Christians, in the course of their daily lives, to make themselves available for the mission of Christ, to respond to the challenges of humanity and the mission of the Church, formulated in the prayer intentions proposed by the Pope for each month. It is a very simple way “of thinking with the Church” (SE 352-370) “by means of prayer for the deep longings of the world with all its joys and sorrows. It makes prayer a true service and aid to those who are striving daily to meet the world’s challenges” (Letter of Fr Adolfo Nicolas).

We say in the document 1 “We consider the intentions true challenges that confront our prayer and that should move our lives”.  How ?

– They are in the first place challenges for our personal lives, as we are called to be consistent with what we pray for.

– They are at the same time invitations to approach during that month other people or institutions that work for the issue we pray for, be they Church institutions or not, establishing a partnership in favor of what concerns us both.

2 – The Apostleship of Prayer is also a way of reawakening the missionary capacity of Catholics, easily accessible to all.  It leads us by a “way of the heart”, rooting our lives in a personal and deep relationship with Jesus Christ, so that we can make our own His compassion and offer Him our apostolic availability (N 8 A way of the heart).

Our hope is that with this process of recreation, the AP can support the formation of the laity and help towards a spiritual revitalization of church groups and parishes, in a missionary perspective.

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