NEWS 2 – World day of Prayer for Pope Francis’ intentions.

12 keys for the mission. Each day another window open in the world.

Every year the Pope give us 12 keys for the mission. 12 guidelines for our life and the mission of the Church. One per month (For the moment there are still two). For example in May was: make us close to those who are suffering, especially the sick and the poor.

I can question me in my personal life: Who is ill or is suffering in my family or In my Christian community? in my Neighborhood? I decide on. I wonder, how about the situation of my local church ? For example: Is there an evangelical service for sick people working well in my parish, is there a  solidarity team for the poor? I decide on.

Remember Document 3 – World Day of Prayer

  • When we say ‘a worldwide network of prayer’ we are not talking about a digital network. It is a wider spiritual network, which should have an important digital dimension, but is not limited to that.  Maybe in some cultural contexts it is advisable to use another expression: worldwide family, worldwide association of the faithful, and so on.
  • ‘Challenges for humanity and for the Church’s mission’ is another way of referring to the Pope’s monthly prayer intentions. (p.6)


The National team will offer practical ways of participating in the worldwide network of prayer on the First Fridays of every month. Each National Team is invited to re-launch this monthly day on which AP all over the world unites spiritually to pray in a special way for the current Pope’s intentions. Even though we are invited to pray each day for these intentions, highlighting them one day a month will help us realize we are together with many others in a true worldwide prayer network. We shall be helped to evoke or to strengthen this sense of common prayer through digital media, publications or other methods of promotion, meetings or parish liturgies, personal or community practices, and so on.  These means will seek to redefine our extensive tradition of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus on First Fridays. (p.8)

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