The Pope Video”: Pope Francis addresses

the challenges to humanity

 “The Pope Video” is a new platform launched by the Pope’s Worldwide Network of Prayer through which Pope Francis invites men and women of the world to unite in prayer for his intentions related to the challenges facing humanity.

(January 4, 2016) .- This week the release of “The Pope Video,” a global initiative developed by the Pope’s Worldwide Network of Prayer to broadcast the Holy Father’s monthly prayer intentions related to the challenges facing humanity.

This is one of the projects scheduled in 2016 to raise awareness of people of good will of all humanity to in general respect all religious traditions. The Pope’s Worldwide Network of Prayer has created a series of videos featuring Pope Francis to disseminate his monthly prayer intentions, each focused on a cause.

More information about The Pope Video is available at, where visitors can interact with the community engaged in this initiative. The project will reach 30 million people in 10 languages. The project was conceived and created by La Machi, communication agency for good causes, which also has its own web site and social networks.

In its first edition in January, the Pope Video will focus on interreligious dialogue. Frédéric Fornos, Managing Director of the Pope’s Worldwide Network of Prayer, says “in a world where everything pushes towards fragmentation, opposition, and division, it is more necessary than ever that members of different religions and all peace-loving people mobilize in common cause. Pope Francis proposes a monthly challenge that concerns humanity worldwide. Religions must show that they can act together for peace, brotherhood, and solidarity to address the common challenges facing humanity.”



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About The Pope Video

The Pope Video is a global initiative developed by the Pope’s Worldwide Network of Prayer (Apostleship of Prayer) to disseminate the monthly prayer intentions of the Holy Father related to the challenges facing humanity. It has the support of the Vatican Television Center (CTV), sole owner of the image rights of the Pope. More information:

About the Pope’s Worldwide Network of Prayer

The Apostleship of Prayer is the Pope’s Worldwide Network of Prayer, which seeks to address through prayer and service the challenges facing humanity and the work of the Church. The mission of the Apostleship is to publicize the monthly intentions of the Holy Father. The vision of this network is to create apostles in daily life through a spiritual path called “The Way of the Heart” by which believers offer themselves in the service of Christ’s mission.

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About La Machi

Founded in 2012, La Machi is a creative boutique agency specializing in communication for good causes, with offices in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Rome. Its mission is to help companies, NGOs, and religious institutions communicate about good causes. They specialize in strategic communication, creative advertising, digital development, and fundraising. The firm has been recognized as “Friend of the Network Project” RIIAL, and it won the Mercurio Prize for Best International SME Marketing 2015 of the Argentina Marketing Association.

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