Women in positions of responsibility

NAME OF THE PROJECT: "WOMEN IN POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY" Pope Francis has repeatedly reaffirmed that today there are still too many differences between the possibilities offered to women and men, the recognized value of both and the role that each assumes within a company. The Holy Father has also emphasized the urgency of welcoming the [...]

Minors’ Safeguarding

NAME OF THE PROJECT: “A POLICY FOR THE SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECTION OF MINORS AND VULNERABLE ADULTS” In April 2019, the working group was launched with the aim to concretely promote the safeguarding and protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults . The centrality of this mission is clear respect to the words of the Holy Father Francis: «To offer proposals [...]

The Way of the Heart

NAME OF THE PROJECT: “THE WAY OF THE HEART”  The Way of the Heart is the spiritual formation program of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network that draws us to align our heart with the Heart of Jesus. It is a formation program that helps us to commit ourselves to the mission of compassion for the [...]