The spirituality of EYM, as AP, also Ignatian roots, It is a Eucharistic spirituality. Therefore, it has the following characteristic notes:

1. The heart of the EYM is friendship with Jesus

Attention to the young human and spiritual moment.

Prayer, which teaches us to find God in all things.

Listening to the Word.

2. The heart of the EYM is to live out this friendship, nourished and modelled by the Eucharist

For us at the EYM, the Eucharist is much more than a ritual that we attend on Sundays.  It is a spiritual food that transforms us, an invitation to make it our way of living ‘a form of Eucharistic life’.  It is an invitation to live Jesus’ style of life.

To understand what this means, we need to understand what Jesus’ own gestures, and those of his disciples, meant for Him on the night of the Last Supper.

3. The heart of the EYM is to share the life and mission of Jesus, as Church, serving the justice of the Kingdom of God.

Challenges for humanity and mission of the Church.