1- We have given priority to organising local EYM events in the different countries where we are, accompanied by EYM France journalists from Lisbon. A communication team is coordinating the project with the EYM France camps that will be present and supporting the project.
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2- Several EYM delegations will be present in Lisbon: 480 EYM members from 15 countries, which is symbolic considering that we are present in 59 countries all over the world with 1.7 million children and young people. Asian and African countries, as well as a good number of Latin American countries, will give priority to organising local events.

3- EYM International, together with the EYM Youth Council, is organising an EYM Festival on 2 August. The EYM youth and our communication team will be in contact with our national teams from all over the world.

For socio-economic and ecological reasons, we have decided to give priority to organising local events rather than sending a large number of young people to WYD Lisbon 2023.

The financial cost of organising this trip for most young people is too high, so we wanted to support the organisation of local EYM events. In this way more young people can participate. In addition, we reduced our environmental footprint considerably by avoiding massive displacements of young people to one place.

Experiencing a WYD event can of course be a significant human and spiritual experience in one’s life, but organising local events between different national teams at regional level can also provide a meaningful and new experience for young people. It is also beneficial for strengthening cohesion and solidarity between local and regional EYM communities.

At EYM International, we are aware that mass events, such as WYD, are no longer suited to our times. We need to rethink this model, for example by proposing a central event, but replicated on a continental or regional scale. Modern means of communication allow us to implement this new approach. Indeed, in the face of the global economic crisis and ecological challenges, it is necessary to change our way of life and rethink the organisation of this type of event.