Download the INFORMATION KIT for new national directors and coordinators


Dear Friends in Christ,

You will find attached an INFORMATION KIT for new national directors and coordinators. This document responds to many requests that I have received for help in initiating the first few months of this mission. A document is not enough, but it is a good starting point for working and then being supported and accompanied by the international team and the continental coordinators.

In the second part of the document you will find the five steps of the protocol for the national team to initiate the mission – (diagnosis, draft project, creating a team with responsibilities assigned for the various parts of the mission, strategic plan to advance the process of recreation, annual report). They are only guidelines to help you; we are at your service:

I remind you, for example, for those who have not yet done so: “Every year, in January, it is good to send a report on the mission to the International Director and to the Jesuit Provincial of your country or region, because this work is entrusted to the Society of Jesus.”

So this is a document that can also help the national directors and coordinators who have more experience and are more seasoned.

I thank in particular Giulia Bianchi for coordinating this work.

In Christ,

Frederic Fornos SJ
Eucharistic Youth Movement