At the end of January 2024 we will have a meeting of the international team of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network to re-read our mission on the various continents, the common projects we have, and listen to what horizons the Holy Spirit calls us to.

The School of Business Administration and Management (ESADE) together with the “Discerning Leadership” program, prepared a material for the formation of leaders which outlines the process of transforming the Apostleship of Prayer into the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network between 2009 and 2019.

This document is a good rereading of the recreation process of this work until 2019. It helps to understand how the renewal of this mission has been carried out so far.

In the framework of leadership training in our Prayer Network, this material can help to work on decision-making, collaboration processes, conflict resolution, problem solving , the ability to adapt, tolerance for frustration, temperance, confidence in the face of risks, openness to dialogue, listening, the construction of plural decisions. Additional themes of leadership training are also included and are clearly reflected in the events presented in this document.

Download the letter from the international team.
Download the document ESADE.