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From Monday 22 (18h) until Saturday night, we had an international meeting, in Rome, with the continental coordinators and the advisors of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network and EYM. This is the first time that there has been such a meeting, since we have concretely initiated the process of recreation of the Apostleship of Prayer, in 2014, after having spent several years in reflect, pray and discern about our mission. At this international meeting, we were able to take stock of the recreation process since the beginning of 2009. We also talked about synergy with the EYM, the way to understand our mission (challenges of humanity and the mission of the Church, the Way of the Heart, etc.), the stages of visualization of our mission and the strategy of communication (including the projects The Pope Video and Click To Pray), the fundraising and its spiritual perspective, the directions for the coming months with the launch of the third sentence of recreation: parishes and mission. There were meetings between continental coordinators, EYM advisors, coordinators of Click To Pray, European coordination, and also on the meeting Pan African Nairobi, etc. It was a very fraternal meeting, with times of prayer and discernment. The Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Arturo Sosa SJ was also with us some time. Antoine Kerhuel SJ, General Secretary of the Society of Jesus also spent time with us, he came to welcome the group and joined us many times for fraternal moments. This week was an intense and happy meeting where we have been able to feel the Lord’s action throughout these years. We could also feel that we entered in a new stage, where the recreation of this pontifical service could be push and reach not only by the international office but also by a larger commitment of all continental coordinators and advisers, now ready to take relay, and thus support all the work of national directors and coordinators.

Fr. Frederic Fornos SJ

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