From January 24th to January 27th, 2024, some members of the international team of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network gathered in person in Rome to share the assessment of the global mission and to plan coordinated actions for the coming years.

This meeting was attended by members of the international office and continental coordinators from the Asia Pacific, South Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and North America. Also present were formation coordinators from different linguistic groups (French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese), as well as the international communications coordinator and directors of key projects such as #ClickToPray and #ThePopeVideo.

The program began with an overview of the historical process experienced by the Network in recent years; its challenges, transformations, and prospects. Following a spiritual sharing on how each person personally lives the mission, the meeting continued with a detailed presentation of the realities of each continent, gathered from the work of national offices. This joint vision of the social, cultural, ecclesial, and religious situation in each region allowed participants to consolidate the perspective of a truly global network serving the challenges of humanity.

Reports and projections of projects regarding the intentions of the Pope (“The Pope Video“) and about the online prayer community (“Click to Pray“) also helped to recognize the enormous graces received in recent years and to glimpse some tasks for the future. A special focus of work was also given to advances in the area of formation, especially in terms of worldwide dissemination and deepening of “The Way of the Heart,” which is our spiritual foundation.

An important aspect during the meeting was the audience that Pope Francis wanted to have with the prayer network, joined by members of the new Civil Foundation Pro Rete Mondiale di Preghiera del Papa, advisors of the Vatican Foundation of Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, and some key friends and collaborators to carry out our mission.

The meeting concluded on Saturday with a working session on proposals for the future. Daily Eucharistic celebration, fraternity, and communion were very much present, animating the entire meeting.