Foto: Vatican News - Migrantes se reúnen a lo largo de la frontera México-Estados Unidos

Photo: Vatican News – Migrants gather along the Mexico-United States border

In this month of June 2024, Pope Francis invites us to join in prayer for migrants: “We pray that migrants fleeing from war or hunger, forced to undertake journeys full of danger and violence, find welcome and new opportunities in the countries that receive them.”

This call for solidarity and compassion is deeply intertwined with the Pope’s message for the 110th World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which will be celebrated on Sunday, September 29, 2024. Under the theme “God walks with his people,” the Holy Father reminds us that God does not abandon His children, especially in moments of great suffering and despair.

In his message, the Pope emphasizes the importance of recognizing the divine presence in the exodus of migrants and refugees. He encourages us to be instruments of divine mercy, offering welcome and support to those who come to our lands seeking safety and new opportunities. Just as God walked with the people of Israel during their journey through the desert, today He walks with every migrant and refugee, guiding them towards a dignified life filled with hope.

The Pope also invites us to pray together: “Let us unite in prayer for all those who have had to leave their homeland in search of dignified living conditions. Let us feel that we are on a journey together with them, let us make ‘synod’ together.”

The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network joins this call, inviting all communities to open their hearts and doors to migrants while respecting national laws and regulations. May our prayers and actions reflect the love and compassion of the Lord, offering a safe haven and opportunities for a new life to those who need it most.

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