The Way of the Heart is the spiritual formation program of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network that draws us to align our heart with the Heart of Jesus. It is a formation program that helps us to commit ourselves to the mission of compassion for the world.

The Way of the Heart is the foundation of our mission.
There, you can find content and methodology that help you to be more available for the mission of Christ day after day, and to mobilize for the challenges facing humanity and the mission of the Church.

It is an International Team Project that counts on the collaboration of the Universidad Católica de Córdoba from Argentine, that supervises this project, and of the TV Channel TeleVid in the development of the digital platform, the website, and the app in Spanish.

At present, there are 86 videos, 86 audios and 200 texts that can be downloaded with images and design, 11 books in Spanish. We have started the process of translating the books into English, French, Portuguese, and Italian languages.

Your donation enables us:
1 – To continue suggesting a formation program that helps thousands of people to live the mission of compassion for the world in their daily life, guided by the Pope’s prayer intentions.
2 – To expand the proposal to more people, adapting the contents to diverse languages and formats: digital platforms, digital books, and print books.
3 – To start our mission in social networks reaching more people.

You can learn more about our proposal and download the following material:
El Camino del Corazon Website
Spanish digital books
International website

This project is financed exclusively by donations.
You can contribute by making a specific donation towards this project by clicking on the button below.

For more information about this project, contact the coordinator:
Bettina Raed