The youth branch of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network

Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM) is an International Movement for the Christian formation of children and young people from 5 to 25 years old.
EYM invites young people around the world to live in Jesus’ way, in a heart-to-heart relationship of friendship with him, based on a Eucharistic spirituality for the mission.
It is founded on the pedagogy of the Emmaus disciples: Gospel, Eucharist and Mission.
The Way of the Heart is its wellspring.

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An international movement for Christian formation

EYM is structured around clear lines of action, steps of Christian growth and strong national coordination.
EYM is the second Youth Movement of the Catholic Church in numbers: 1.770.000 children/young people.
Present in 59 countries, in 5 continents.
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Five different approaches

For a century, the pedagogy of EYM has adapted to each local Church. Today it exhibits 5 different approaches in the world:

1 – EYM as a pedagogy of choice, underlines the importance of discernment.
2 – EYM as a way to live like Jesus, underlines the invitation to model one’s life on Him.
3 – EYM as a way to become a Eucharistic person, seeking to better understand the Eucharist and the process of growth in Christ.
4 – EYM as Eucharistic Crusade, stressing adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and concern for the liturgy.
5 – EYM as devotion to the Heart of Jesus, including prayer for the Pope’s monthly intentions.

These are their different emphases, but they have the same foundation.

“We are young and we want to tell the world that our youthful joy stems from encountering God. We seek to love selflessly, to look at our history with hope, and to move and act on behalf of Jesus’ mission.”

(From the Manual Latin American EYM)