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The World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 is getting closer and we have sent some useful information to the National Teams in order that they can organize the trip and participation with their teams and communities. Contact your national team:  https://www.popesprayer.va/apeym-2/

The International Team of the Eucharistic Youth Movement suggests three moments in relation to this event:

1. The Centenary of EYM Spain 24-30 JULY 2023
2. EYM Experience/Magis 22-31 JULY 2023
3. EYM Festival event in WYD 2 AUGUST 2023

For further information please contact:
Giulia Bianchi assistant@popesprayer.va
Isabella Tasselli thankyou@popesprayer.va
Bettina Raed bettina.raed@rmoparu.org